Heavy Lifting News: Four Raimondi MRT294 Cranes on Romanian Suspension Bridge Over Danube – Video

Four Raimondi MRT294 topless tower cranes are currently at work on one of Europe’s most important infrastructure jobsites, a suspension bridge over the Danube. The project, that aims to link the two Romanian cities of Brăila and Jijila, represents the biggest bridge currently under construction globally. Upon completion, the bridge will be the third biggest in Europe.

“The project came with some specific challenges. To fulfill the client requirements and project specifications we had to readjust the cranes’ rope length to reach the final height of above 200 meters. Therefore, a new 86 kW hoist with 1,100m drum has been promptly designed and developed.by Raimondi Technical Dept.” stated Cristian Badin, Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes.

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