M Equipment: A Raimondi MRT159 flattop tower crane is currently at work in Romania on a residential jobsite

The development consists of three buildings with each building housing between 30 to 35 flats. The client purchased the MRT159 from Tecno Crane, heavy lifting specialists based in Campodarsego, Italy

The crane, at a freestanding height of 54 meters with a 65-meter jib length, was erected in one working day at the jobsite in Iași, the second-largest city in Romania. “Our client initially was looking at a rental crane, and based on the value of the Raimondi topless range and product longevity, decided to purchase a new crane that could work across multiple jobsites,” said Nicola Pizzeghello, President and Owner, Tecno Crane. The crane is expected to be at work onsite for a duration of 30 months and will be shifted to another jobsite soon after project completion.

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