The Big5Heavy: 60 seconds with Raimondi’s Middle East Commercial Manager

What are the major opportunities you spot in the GCC construction & infrastructure industry?

The opportunities in the GCC construction sector for a company like Raimondi Cranes are truly limitless. We see only growth in the future, and a countless number of potential partnerships that are about to come to fruition. In terms of infrastructure, it’s exciting for us as a heavy machinery company.

What is the biggest challenge for you in the market this year and why?

I think that the option of clients choosing to work with ‘budget’ heavy lifting companies can be considered the biggest challenge not just for Raimondi, but for all quality premiere manufacturers. I’m sure our peers in the crane industry feel the same way. Customers who are price-sensitive may see short-term gain in opting for a budget model, but nothing could be further from the truth.

According to you, what are today’s top 3 industry trends?

The top trends that I believe are most prevalent in conversation amongst construction sector professionals lately would be PPPs, alternative project financing routes, and how to activate the benefits of social media channels for the tech-wary and for communication-shy construction companies.

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The Big5 Heavy interviews Wael Hasan, Raimondi Cranes Commercial Manager Middle East