American Cranes & Transport: Raimondi launches MRT234 flattop tower crane

The MRT234 erected at Raimondi headquarters in Legnano during beta testing

Raimondi Cranes SpA, established in 1863, has announced the newest and most innovative approach to heavy lifting technology, the flattop MRT234. Presented to Raimondi’s exclusive agent network ahead of wider release, the MRT234 has already witnessed strong pre-sales due to its enhanced solution-based design. The MRT234 flattop tower crane officially began shipping in September to fulfil agent pre-sell orders, and has now launched for wider purchasing.

“We are thrilled to launch the MRT234 after months of preparation,” said Eng. Domenico Ciano, technical director, Raimondi Cranes. Raimondi’s R&D team worked with various suppliers for four months to build the prototype, erected in beta in August 2017 at our headquarters in Italy. The final stage of testing took three months including preassembly of the crane, evaluating many different types of configurations and all of the model’s structural tests.”

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