Cranes Today: Raimondi builds a clear view of the future

The MRT234 erected in Legnano, Italy

The August 2017 edition of Cranes Today magazines features Raimondi Cranes as the cover story. The interview, exclusive to the publication’s Editor Will North, highlights the beta launch of the new flattop MRT234 in one-on-one discussion with Raimondi Technical Director, Eng. Domenico Ciano.

Cranes Today August 2017 cover story highlighting the Raimondi MRT234 beta launch

From the article:

“One of the particular strengths of the MRT234 is the Raimondi flattop design, allowing it to be installed on crowded jobsites that necessitate many cranes onsite operating simultaneously that require overfly. Based on our experience with the previous models that showcase this overfly-friendly design, we’re certain the MRT234 will be welcomed in the European, Middle Eastern and Australian markets.”

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Interview with Raimondi Technical Director Eng. Domenico Ciano on the advancements implemented in the flattop MRT234