With over 150 years of experience, Raimondi has adopted as core value that investing in Technology is fundamental in order to provide quality and performance to our products. Our engineers are constantly seeking new ways to improve our equipment.

Our objective has always been to keep the optimum balance between performance, the product's lifecycle, productivity, reliability, easier access for servicing, as well as lower maintenance intervals.

It is this "balanced objective" that makes our products highly productive assets in our clients' balance sheets. Our range of models, our global presence and our many years of experience, all witness to our unrelenting search for excellence in these areas.


Quality is not just for cranes, for us at Raimondi it is a much broader concept with increasing relevance.

Two fundamental issues must be considered when considering investing in Tower Cranes. One is measurement of productivity, or performance, relative to the needs of the client. The other is the expected "life-cycle" of the crane. Hence, we at Raimondi have taken special care in providing as high a "life-expectancy" to our cranes. Therefore, our cranes have for long been designed to comply with the Class A4 FEM1001; a class on its own among cranes and which merits further comment.

This standard for evaluating a crane's life-cycle takes into account two factors: for how long and, also, to which degree (percentage of effective maximum nominal work-load) is the crane able to function. A Class A4, corresponds to a working life-cycle that is twice that which corresponds to Class A3. This puts our crane, and our value proposition, at an advantageous position. We, and our clients, are pleased to see how most of our cranes are still operational many years, even decades, after depreciation cost has been fully accounted for.

For meeting the highest standards of safety we at Raimondi have incorporated the more recent European benchmark, the EN14439. Its birth is linked to the greater and varying wind-force exposure affecting different regions in Europe today. This standard incorporates increased safety at construction site. It also contemplates improved working conditions for operators and technicians.

Deluxe Cabin

Our Deluxe Cabin is made with an exclusive design where quality, functionality and style are kept in balance.

It has been conceived only after years of experience, feedback from our clients, and constant emphasis on innovation. The result is a cabin that meets the most rigorous international norms of safety and quality. Raimondi’s cabin is designed with productivity, quality and safety in mind. Among its specifications, we can find:

  • Approximately 180º vision for the crane operator.
  • A double reflective chamber to keep temperatures stable and providing much needed protection from sun glare.
  • Ergonomic seat.
  • Easily accessible controls.
  • Multilingual touchscreen that allows advanced technology to be at the fingertips of the operator.

Our cabins provide that "extra mile" of comfort and control that also pays off in productivity. Our cabins, easily recognizable, are one of our most visible trademarks.