Cranes Today: Raimondi takes the heat in the UAE

The Raimondi MRT152 is scheduled to be erected onsite for a period of 12 months

A new Raimondi MRT152, designed with hot climates in mind, was erected on the jobsite of the Novotel Sharjah Expo Hotel, in the United Arab Emirates, where it is scheduled to remain for 12 months. The tower crane will be tasked with the load lifting of shuttering materials, steel reinforcement, curtain wall components, pallets of blocks and cement, bags of sand, and scaffolding.

“The MRT152, with its small footing size and mast size relative to its capacity, has been a huge bonus. This crane’s positioning has been less intrusive on the building it is being used to construct. The free-standing height of 44m provides the contractor considerable structure to build without having to worry about ties,” said Günther Hinterberger, managing director at Klampfer Middle East.

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